Welcome Back to School!

It’s a new school year here at Northwood, and I am delighted to have our children back in school! It is such a joy to see all of their smiling faces!

As we readjust from “vacation mode” to our normal school routine, consistency and preparation are keys to a successful school year whether your child is a new Kindergartener or an experienced 5th grader.

  • Establish morning and evening routines to make it easier for your child to be at school on time. Have their clothes prepared the night before and backpacks ready to go.
  • Complete homework at the same time every afternoon in a special location. Older elementary students might prefer a quiet location away from distractions to work independently, while younger elementary children need more supervision and guidance to complete homework.
  • Begin an evening routine and be consistent with an early bedtime. Most elementary aged children need about 10-11 hours of sleep per night.

All of these tips can help your child to feel more prepared and confident each day at school resulting in better social and academic outcomes.

Welcome back to school and let’s get started on a great school-year!